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Helping our community take care of each other

We’re developing ways we can take care of each other through mutual aid, knowledge-sharing, and healthy work-from-home culture.

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Help us take care of one another

We’ve always been grateful for how much the OpenNews community supports and cares for one another, so we’re coming up with a few ways for us to support, organize, and practice community care during COVID-19. During this challenging time, we’ll be focused on helping you, our community, in several ways:

As every day brings new information both about COVID-19 and what our community needs, we’ll listen and learn, we’ll adapt and adjust, and we’ll take on the best ways OpenNews can support you as we go.

Thanks for your help and your ongoing coverage and commitment to your communities throughout this crisis.

If you'd like to support us, and you're able to make a recurring donation, please consider joining us as a founding sustainer. Whether you support this emergency response program or our ongoing operations, we appreciate knowing that you're here for us, as we try our hardest to be here for the community.