Concluding 2022 with caring image

Concluding 2022 with caring

Help us strengthen our ability to support one another

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Collective support that shows up

We're so grateful to be together in such a caring, thoughtful community. Thanks for considering donating to this work!

Over the last 10+ years with OpenNews, we've seen how meaningful it is that we're able to connect as peers: offering support, advice, resources about tech and about culture change for justice in journalism. This year we accomplished so much together by showing up and supporting one another.

In the new year, we'll have even more chances to connect and we'll share another peer resource: survey data. Your contribution to 600+ responses to our News Nerd Survey will allow us to share another round of salary analysis and insights about the field to help with your own negotiations and career planning.

Thank you for your contributions this year—every donation to a news org (or layoff or strike fund), every response to a question in Slack, every funny meme you sent for encouragement, and every reporting process you documented are all part of how we take care of each other in this community. Thank you.