Give a special 10-year donation, help us start our 2nd decade strong  image

Give a special 10-year donation, help us start our 2nd decade strong

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Help OpenNews start our second decade strong!

As we go into strategic planning for OpenNews this fall, one-time gifts will help build a starter fund to give us the flexibility to seed and water the new program ideas we come up with immediately. Many of OpenNews' programs, like the DEI Coalition, were made possible because we had starter funding available to pursue programs of our own design right away, without needing to wait for new grants. Similarly, we were able to first test our Scholarships+ program because we had funds available, and because of its success, have then have been able to secure grant funding for later.

If you'd like to support OpenNews' ability to pursue program ideas without barriers, make a special, one-time donation!

We’ve always been grateful for how much the OpenNews community supports and cares for one another, as well as the future of our industry, and much of our work goes toward facilitating that bond and that work.

At OpenNews, we believe that a community of peers working, learning and solving problems together can create a stronger, more representative, and ascendant journalism. Our work is centered around creating events and community supports to strengthen and sustain this ecosystem. Thank you so much for your help, your ongoing work, and commitment to helping us and your communities.

If you'd like to support us, and you're able to make a recurring donation, please consider joining us as a sustainer. Either way, we appreciate knowing that you're here for us, as we try our hardest to be here for the community.