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Join OpenNews as a Founding Sustainer!

Be a part of sustaining this community

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Your support makes this community possible.

OpenNews exists to support the community that is pushing to create more inclusive, equitable, and purpose-driven journalism.

We launched this founding sustainer program in response to feedback from community members looking for more ways to be involved and help each other. By being a sustainer, you ensure that OpenNews is able to continue creating ways for community members to connect and support one another.

With this program, community members can contribute on a recurring basis (usually monthly, but the frequency is adjustable) to sustain this work.

This community already supports each other in so many ways, from advice to job leads to code reviews. OpenNews has long played a role in helping knit together those connections. We're also developing new ways to strengthen that network, through programs like our peer data review pilot. At this busy time of evolution, we're excited to share this sustainer program as a way to be able to:

  • take collective action together in a new way! Alongside all of our other programs, this is another strategy for banding together and supporting the people and the work we care about.
  • show it is possible to work with an ethic of abundance, not austerity. Collectively, we do have the resources we need and we can pool them together, share them with one another. Give what you can, when you can, and know that a community has your back if and when you need it.
  • fortify the long-term sustainability of OpenNews. Years of feedback and experience has shown us how important it is to provide spaces for connection and to invest in developing the capacity of individuals in this community. This program will ensure we can continue growing this network and its impact on the industry.

Thanks for helping us launch this program!

Photo: Ryan Pitts, from SRCCON:LEAD