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We're so grateful to be together in such a caring, thoughtful community. Over the last 10+ years with OpenNews, we've seen how meaningful it is that we're able to connect as peers: offering support, advice, and resources about tech and culture change for justice in journalism.

When you donate to OpenNews, you’re sending us a vote of confidence from a community member that says you really care about our work. A recurring donation, at any size and frequency that feels right for you, is also an enormous help in this work. Whether it's a donation of $20 a month, a quarter, or annually, a recurring donation means a lot to us because that's money we can count on.

Thank you for all of the ways you contribute to this community—every donation to a news org (or layoff or strike fund), every response to a question in Slack, every funny meme you send for encouragement, and every reporting process you documented are all part of how we take care of each other in this community. Thank you.